Our mission

We believe that success and impact start with a network of mentors and coaches. Giving access to learn from those who have done what you want to. From anywhere and anytime.

Our team

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Svetlana Sobolevska

Chief believer

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Dmitry Kashuba

Smart IT guy

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Irene Schlatter

UX expert

Our commitment

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Do only managers and top athletes need coaching and menotring? Wrong! We are an innovative and future-oriented market-place for all those who want to tap their full potential. Full and productive employment should be available for all, despite status, race, gender or background.

Our vision

To make Breess an accessible and trusted personal and professional transformation marketplace, using digital coaching. A day when coaching and mentorship is a part of every home is not far off. We will make it happen.

We value partnerships
and collaboration

We believe that by working together,
we can discover, develop, and deliver the best
value. Contact us with questions or suggestions.

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